Tire service and balancing

There was a time when tire operations were entirely on the shoulders of the motorist.

Fortunately, many companies now offer professional tire fitting services, and they are armed with modern high-tech tools.

At Tash Auto service center, we have installed unique equipment, highly qualified specialists work, and therefore we offer the best tire service in Tashkent. Thanks to this, you will always leave us on well-balanced tires. In our center, you will never be hurt by a tire or scratch a disc during installation or removal of a tire, and the lead time will be minimal.

High-quality tire fitting in a Tash Auto service center consists of three main components:

Professionalism and responsibility of employees is the most important component of tire fitting, as the human factor is fundamental, even when using the most modern and professional equipment. Tash Auto specialists have many years of experience working with tires (standard, low profile, RUNFLAT, armored) and rims (chrome, polished, two / three composite).

Quality tire fitting equipment. We use German equipment from HOFMANN. This brand has long been a symbol of quality and reliability. Innovative technologies and unique patents have made the company an absolute leader among manufacturers of tire fitting equipment.

Consumable Quality

One of the main specializations of a car service center is the professional repair of car wheels – that is why a lot of experience and accuracy during installation excludes any damage to the coating of your wheels.

The waiting time will pass quickly and unnoticeably since our center has a comfortable waiting area where you can take advantage of free tea and coffee, delicious desserts, fresh magazines, and comfortable sofas.

Tire fitting in a Tash Auto service center includes high-precision computer wheel balancing, which is done on a balancing stand. In addition, you can also use wheel balancing with flange adapters. Using this balancing, static, and dynamic balancing is possible with an accuracy of 1 gram, which will provide you with high-quality tire fitting.

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