Trade-in program

The Trade-in program provides for the opportunity to purchase a new car of domestic production by transferring to your authorized dealer selling new cars your own used car and paying a difference in their value.

How to exchange your car for a new one:

  1. You are choosing a new car at a car dealership.
  2. An expert at a car dealership evaluates a car based on its technical condition and year of production.
  3. You sign a purchase agreement for an old car, and there is no need to notarize the transaction.
  4. You pay extra – the difference between the price of a new car and the price of an old one.
  5. You’re leaving in a new car.

When Trade-In, two transactions occur:

  1. Buying a new car
  2. Selling old

First, you need to choose the car you want to buy. It is desirable that it be available, otherwise for some time you have to do without a car.

After, you need to evaluate your supported car, as a contribution.

If the assessment of the car suits you, then a sale contract is concluded and the car dealership redeems the car. The money will go immediately to offset the contract for the purchase of a car. After the missing amount is paid, you get a new car.

The procedure for exchanging an old car for a new one according to the trade-in program

List of documents

The list of necessary documents for exchanging a used vehicle for a new one:

For legal entities:

  1. Documents confirming ownership of the vehicle;
  2. Copies of constituent documents and certificate of state registration of a legal entity;
  3. Certificate on the absence of a ban on a sold vehicle issued by a notary;
  4. Order on the appointment of the head and chief accountant signing the contract of sale;
  5. A power of attorney issued in the name of a representative of a legal entity (if the contract is not signed by the head of the legal entity on behalf of the legal entity);
  6. Copy of the signer’s passport;
  7. Decision of the authorized body of the seller on the sale of a vehicle;
  8. Certificate of the established form, issued by the bodies of the State Road Safety Inspectorate on the compliance of the numbering and other technical parameters of the vehicle with the registration data;
  9. Certificate of net assets of the legal entity;
  10. Certificate on the book value of a used motor vehicle;
  11. Technical inspection ticket (if any);
  12. Service book (if available);
  13. Two sets of keys (if available).

For individuals:

  1. Passport
  2. TIN
  3. Passport of technical equipment
  4. Certificate from a notary confirming that the car is not in bail or under arrest
  5. Certificate of comparison unit numbers issued by the traffic police.
  6. Service book and spare car key.
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